Just Realized Something

I was on the Rancho map with The_Jacob today, and we realized something. The Rancho map is built on the seed of the 1.7 Creative map, so this means we can fly to the coords of our old cities (if they are in the border) and see the land BENEATH them. This is really cool.


I found old empire ;-; im crying

List of my towns pre-July: Shitty Mountain, Town with worrying proximity to Shitty Mountain, Southern California, Stereotypical Medieval Town No. 512, Hong Kong.

List of my towns in Rancho map: Eyjafjallajökull, Rolling plains next to Eyjafjallajökull, An Beach, An grassy field, Island in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Post coordinates please. Im trying to find the former land of the City of Stars, Elton, Greene Isle, and maybe even Annopolis.

This is about the best map I can find. I will start uploading coords from the SinglePlayer map soon.


The cities themselves wont be there, if anyone is looking for them.

When I made the Rancho map, I deleted all of the outside world, then regenerated it.

Yep, I just found out. And, the map limit will stop you from going anywhere close to the old cspawn.