Just checking in...

Hey guys, Goof here.

I’m happy to say I’ve been enjoying time in Florida. I really haven’t had enough time to be checking the forums very often… so I just wanted to ask for a general update.

Other than that, I’ll be back full time at the end of this month, so see you then! :slight_smile:



Hi. :3

Nothing really new goof!


well i was with 's mom last night… we had fun…

oh you were talking about Minecraft? oh, nothing has happend really. ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha guys… so much for getting an update! xD

Glad to see everyone’s alive and well… :slight_smile:

Lol, well i have been getting a bit more intensive in my art career in the past week or so. :stuck_out_tongue: I actually just started to get my art a little more public now. :stuck_out_tongue: Got me a deviant art page, and now uploading vids on youtube, hopefully i can get them to timelapse soon. Not much fun watching me sit there just doing a ROUGH draft of a character for a good few minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

… No Zesty. Just no… Haha XD

idk if its news or a fact

i joined SMP/CMP with the account Nick_inc

So that’s who that was. I didn’t know who you were the other night Sword.

Good, good to see your well, hope your having a great time out there, the break will do ya good, as far as news goes, ^^ for me im glad to say i think ill be heading back to the server for some sizable amounts of time soon aha :stuck_out_tongue: hope to see you when your back.