Just a mention for my city in the new creative map

http://i.imgur.com/HDkQRfj.png. This road is not a highway. It is the main road in my city. Furthermore, please try to not build close to the area as I am planning to extend the city outwards.

I’m really paranoid that someone is going to build too close to my city and wreck its regulations, is that a normal feeling or should I be a little easy going on who builds too close to my city?

Mark some kind of perimiter if you want. Then if people build within sight of that, we can move it away for you.

Just don’t claim an area too big at a time.

Hey maxy3,

I don’t have a solution, but I think Ruby did that. I was just wondering if I could help you build the city?? :smiley:
PM me in-game or reply in this thread please.