Just a Check up and ministory

Alright, looks like im not 100% gone…Just like 99.99% gone

What has happened Some of you know but for those that dont:

I am a Staff member on SkydoesMC’s pixelmon server. During beta i thought this would be easy coming from a smaller community and having some prior knowledge about being staff. The beta went by easy. That was when i was Helper (Your mod rank). Now im moderator (Your Operator rank) and the servers are in full swing. It isnt exactly easy some days but we get by. I have been banned twice on accident by the head of staff. Long story short, She didnt know i was staff, and thought i was using a banned mod (I.E. Smart moving). She then unbanned me and later saw me again and banned me again for the same reason. I told once again and she unbanned me.

Now heres some interesting news i got unexpectedly from Sky himself. I asked what i could do to help him, I meant the website in general, but he responds with this:

thank you finally someone who doesn't completely act like i'm a budder god or something like that FWI- that would be awesome maybe making people stop raping me in the in the lobby and stuff that would be awesome( BUDDER )

extra budder


Yes its the real sky, you have to verify your account to play on all the servers.

The more you know.

Also i created some new music i would like to share, most of my friends that i showed it to liked it. Be warned, you need a stereo system that has a decent (at min) bass level. This is a heavy bass song, heres a link

Love you guys <3

Not too bad of a song, mate. Sounds nice on my Logitech z506’s. Its a little repetitive however.

Update: I quit

There are Jerks out the wazoo. Yes i got to be staff. But it isnt worth the amount of jerks on it.

Not to be mean, but I thought the whole thing seemed shady. I for one, welcome you here if you choose to stay with us.

Welcome to Minecraft, dude. This server seems to be the only exception. In most places, staff = asshole on a power trip, unfortunately.

Anyway, welcome back I guess. :slight_smile:

I guess I am glad we aren’t jerks…
Also welcome back a few things have change like Farcoast is now the Federation and stuff and Farcoast is under new management (a.k.a Robin)
And another thing is that Robin is remodeling Farcoast by taking down the Tree Farm and the auto-farm so Farcoast is looking empty atm but he has good plans for it I am sure.

i wasn’t going to say anything, cause i am an asshole, but, i went on that server, as im looking for another pixelmon server, and it completly sucked ass. The staff were about as useful as a blind person helping you cross the street, and there were fucking holes and shit all over.

Oh, and not to mention that there was no elite four or gym leaders… which is kinda the point of going onto a pixelmon server… not sure why the fuck youtubers were going on there unless they are complete fucking idiots… which is kinda my mindset on some of them… but yeah. just my two cents.

(this is also comming from someone who was a gym leader on a very well done pixelmon server for about 6 months_

Honestly, the pixelmon server i staffed on, i have to agree. But also coming from a staff members pov, grey text from like 100+ players kind of blends together. Not to mention the constant questions that repeat.