This town (name here) is a jungle town with lots instead of prebuilt houses. Please wait till this is updated.

Subway: 40%
Customs: 10%
Townhall/my house: 90%
Roads: 10%
Lots: 3%

Another imaginative town name… Icetown, bananatown, junglesburg.


Var x = JunglesBurg
JunglesBurg = 2/10
x +1 > JunglesBurg

x = Townname

Townname*x > JunglesBurg

I hope this simple varible exercise helps clarify that JunglesBurg is a placeholder untill further notice.

Whut… I need Filipenis to work this out for me.

It isn’t the final name, its a temporary one.

I liked your “program” Legend. Here is my attempt at it!
I could have simplified this, but I wanted to leave the simple math part in. This is in Java.

[code]import java.util.Scanner;

  • @author Daniel (AKA Kyle8910)
    public class CityName

    public static void main(String[] args)
    String JB;
    Integer x, result, TownName = 1;

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner (System.in);
System.out.println( "Enter the town’s name: ");
JB = keyboard.next();

if (JB.equals(“JunglesBurg”))

result = TownName*x;
if (result == 1)
else if (result == 2)
System.out.println(“Much Better!”);



Meh programming…

I need to learn it. Maybe if my school doesnt drop the class this coming year.

“Simple Math”

#SOP request.
I need world edit temporarily or someone who can use it. I’m making a subway across the island and need help. It’s a loooooooong way over there.

hell he asked nicely. i dont see how it could hurt, but Charks, wouldn’t you rather obtain all the raw materials?

Considering I still need to travel at least 200 blocks in just one tunnel alone (the tunnels are 4x4), it would take a while. Besides, I’m not digging near diamond level.

Wouldn’t that be slightly unfair? I can understand how much of a hassle it could be, but heck. I’ve needed World Edit for those kinds of thing many times and I was denied… So, it’s ultimately staff’s decision…

Personally i say no world edit in survival. Period, unless perhaps you are copying floorplans for a house in creati e over to survival, that you just build over top of, then it is removed directly afterwards.

No world edit in survival. Ever. We’ll world edit as much as you like in creative, but it’s an unfair advantage in survival.

Ok, I might get some indentured slaves to help.

Nose game! touches nose NOT IT!

Say what? Nose goes maybe?

touches nose just in case.

Noes goes is only for rematches :stuck_out_tongue:

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