Jump Quest 2

A new jump quest has been built in SMP, which is a step up from the original one built at Sandy Point. It features new jumping and ladder challenges, with a 125 coin reward on completion. Type in /warp jumpquest2 to try it out. And if you haven’t already, try the original out at /warp jumpquest.

If you are caught using a fly mod to collect the reward, you will be banned. Post below if you would like to boast when you complete it. Thanks to b33z for testing the route.

That’s awesome I always wished the first one had a reward at the end.

It does. 30 coins

O well im dumb

I haven’t done it yet, but how do you ensure that the reward is only given once?

It’s pretty damn difficult to get to the end

You can do it as many times as you like. The first one is pretty easy and only gives you 30 coins. The new jump quest I reckon is pretty hard. I built it and died about 10 times before I could complete it.

Maybe we will reduce the reward a little over time.

Well, what I was wondering was if it was like a previous jump test I did before. When you got to the end, the reward was a click-able item. What was to stop them from clicking many times?

I’m pretty sure that my question will be answered when I actually do the quest. Sounds fun! Today I was busy with school.

Not at all related but I can’t make topics :stuck_out_tongue:

You get teleported to somewhere far far away, either Sandy Point or spawn after you press the button.

You can’t make topics in the announcement board - that is for OPs+ only as they get displayed on the front page


I would love to do this jump quest, rather either of them, but that’s one thing donators can’t do. Maybe we can add a deathchest toggle?