JukeLoop Plugin

Okay, the last thread about this involved many other topics and people overlooked the idea…also it was in the wrong section…


Mojang said they were going ot add looping discs to 1.7, but it didn’t work right so they took it away. However, there is a great, popular plugin that has the same features, and a lot more. You’re ale to put in multiple discs at a time by putting a chest filled with discs next to the jukebox. You’re also able to skip tracts, and a lot of other cool stuff. I think this would be great for he server, we can now have continuous music in our shops, lobbies, warps, homes, and more.

Check the video out here -> Juke Loop Video Demonstration OFFICIAL

If you vote yes or no, I would like to hear your reasoning below.

there was already a topic about this why make it again?
and specialk is away and he decides because he has so make it work

I just felt it was being looked over since nobody commented about it on the original post, and it was in the wrong section.

I know Spec would have the final say, I just want to see if others want this plugin, too.

There is only 1 issue. This may not work with the chestlock plugin, and records are very rare and valuable. Valuable items should not go anywhere near locked chests. But apart from that it’s a good idea!

I wouldn’t say that discs are valuable. My brother and I managed to farm 25 discs with a simple spawner.

That’s what mods are for :smiley:

We’ll be able to log who took what out, so you’ll be fine. The same currently goes for hoppers, since you need unlocked chests, and we don’t seem to have any problems.

nine votes? Does this mean its accepted?

Yeah, I’m going t say it passes and that it should be implemented if it can be done (don’t see why not)

Locked voting

I think it is bad that we have trust people with two things to not be on a loop the music and redstone I don’t know if this is a good idea. :-\

Also this may lead to greifing with jukeboxes.

It would actually be safer, since we can log chests and not jukeboxes.

Good point ferr, most people probably keep records next to their jukeboxes so it wouldn’t make things overly difficult

This plugin is too ram intensive. Sorry