jplett: unknown

Minecraft Username: jplett
Approximate Date of Ban: unknown
OP Who Banned You: GGGEEEE

Reason for Ban: hacked items
Reason for Unban: Hello PCB, it is jplett. While I have been banned for awhile I still would appreciate if you, the server would consider to unban me. The spawned items in my account, I still to this day am unaware of what happened. I am sorry for the inconvience it caused but I still have no idea on how they got there. Please consider this. Thank you, jplett
Server: Survival

TO BE CLEAR jplett and eplett are seperate people. They are brothers. Please know they are different people hence the different first initial.

EPLETT: can’t remember, something along the lines of being a dick
JPLETT: Hacked items/illegitimate obtainment
this is your THIRD ban appeal.
you have a little-to-none chance of being unbanned

please if i have any more hacked items i will not even apply for a appeal. if i do not get unbanned i have one request that ka_52 gets my items. thanks.

It has been a few months and I believe that he is sincere about re-joining pcb. Bones541 has also done some very bad things and has been rehabilitated back into our community ggg. Perhaps reconsider?

I think after a few months, and he is still applying for an appeal, he might as well deserve a second chance. Of course i can be a little to trusting some times. But if he really is still applying for an appeal then he has probably not found a better server (Which is impossible!!!) and is sorry for what happened. Maybe he has learned a lesson by now.

Weel, jplett, i can see that your other 2 have been denied and locked, but i myself am slightly forgiving…maybe unban him and remove his items, so he gets a fresh start? Thats just my idea here.

I feel this is the last appeal that should be made. There has been 2 already met with no.

Perhaps because it has been a month since the last one peoples opinon can change :)?

I like his persistence, it means he really is sorry for what he has done and must really want to come back if he has appealed about 3 other times and is still continuing. I think we should give him ONE more chance, if he screws that up he’s done. But i don’t think thats for me to decide.

Added a poll for STAFF to vote.

Poll removed. Ggg was the one who banned him, so ggg decides if he will get unbanned. Unless ggg wants us to group vote on him being unban, then we use a poll.


It’s alright, your still learning, mistakes are mistakes.

you know what, fine.
one fuck up and you’re out
I am NOT joking jamie

Unbanned. Locked.