jplett: june 09 2011

Minecraft Username: jplett
Approximate Date of Ban: june 09 2011
OP Who Banned You: hard24get

Reason for Ban: placing dirt over signs along the way to orca city
Reason for Unban: it was my first time playing minecraft and didn’t realize placing dirt spammed servers

^ this= Bullshit

i’m sorry and i only did it to my friends bridge i never did it to cc

im sorry to say this but ive seen this excuse to much if it is true all the lies have made me think its bs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh. Fine, Il unban you. But if dont do it again.
I wont be able to unban you until server is back up

thank you
thank you
thank you

For all others, saying you are new to minecraft is NOT a valid excuse for griefing. It’s common sense. You wouldn’t go around town smashing windows would you? It’s the same principle for minecraft.
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