jplett: IDK

Minecraft Username: jplett
Approximate Date of Ban: IDK
OP Who Banned You: GGGEEEE

Reason for Ban: hacked stuff
Reason for Unban: Hard gave me the axes
idk about how i got the liquids
I was pardoned for a wrongful ban earlier
Eplett is my brother KA_52 can tell you
Server: Survival

#1 the other appeal was denied
#2 you are a dumbass for making another appeal
#3 you are not getting unbanned
#4 make another and I am banned your IP

so you are saying i should go shopping for other servers now?


:frowning: bye guys

You were not unbanned from your last appeal which ended just yesterday. I really don’t understand why you thought this one would work. Yet again, you will remain banned.