joshibenj - 09th of March, 2014


Minecraft Username joshibenj

Date of Ban 09th of March, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Ferrari5746

Reason for Ban Simple123 killed me so I hit him and he died and thwn killed me 6 times so I punched him then he got me ban and before he got my chests unlocked and he greifed me with Adam030199

Reason to be Unbanned

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
2nd of March, 2014

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Would you mind explaining what you mean by “before he got my chests unlocked”? Hopefully it will then get quickly resolved! (Well, i’m not involved but someone would have said it)

he asked and admin to unlock my cheasts so he could greif me this was after I got banned but he killed me over 10 times in different times and then before I could ay he was attacking me he said it bearing in mind he took my weapons and armor it wnet in the chat but they didn’t do anything mybe they thought it was a joke. but the fact is he still greifed me and he even said now ive got joshibenj ban I can ask an admin whos my friend to unlock the cheast so I can steal his stuff

Yeah, I don’t know about that story.

What I do remember is: You kept repeatedly killing a player. That player asked numerous times for you to stop, and even when I came, I asked you to stop. You kept on, so I banned you.

Please explain the story with the chests again, because I’m still left confused.

I didn’t kill repeatedly simeqith a bow and killed me then I threw a potion at himon he killed me and then shot me and killed me so I killed him back and now said it was an act of war so he killed me 6 more times and then I punched him because I wanted my armor back and stuff so he said he was under attack and when I let up he attacked me so I Got banned but he said to moreorlesser now he can unlock my cheats and steal everything aoo to me it sounds like he wanted my stuff for himself

sim asked me to remove some furnaces that he didn’t want in his town any more. As the placers were banned i was happy to oblige. As far as I know there was nothing in them. I never touched a chest.

well that is not what simpal told me he said he got u to unlock my chests because he had got me band so he took it all and the furnaces were in the forge which also had a chest in it and I have whitnesses saying an admin came and unlocked them for him

Allow me to remind you of a hiccup in human mentality.
People lie

I know but I have witnesses moreorlesser thedemolisher and adam030199 but i genuinely don’t know but the hole question was at the start am I going to stay banned or not then we can address the second problem but at the moment id rather this was resolved fairly I personally would like to get unbanned but that is down to Ferrari but I do appreciate and have enjoyed being on the server and the help and support I have been given up to coming to when I was banned

can u please just unban me

I’d be willing to unban the guy. How do others feel about this?

not my appeal. Totally up to you

Unbanned. Locked.