[WRITING IT FOR JO SINCE IT ISN’T WORKING FOR HIM.] Copied straight off Facebook chat.

Name : Joguy1957
Date of ban : Round Christmas 2011
Reason for ban : Fraud
Op who banned me : Hard24Get
Reason for unban : [left]I am writing a ban appeal to be unbanned, I was banned for lying about donating and that’s when I was a major noob around Christmas but I have improved a lot. I’m not a noob anymore, I dont grief and i wish to be unbanned because all my friends at school play PCB and I cant play it which is really annoying so can I be [/left]unbanned

There is another somewhere in the forums, but I cannot seem to find this. I’m going to vote “NO” here, and I would also like to that any classic staff/non staff members should not respond to this thread.

I remember this guy. What could possess a person to lie about having donated? It did not take us long to catch him or the others who did the same thing. This was also the exact timing when we had some kind of permission problem with the donator rank.

I’m not saying he was part of that, but I wonder if that was why he wanted the donator rank.

I want to say yes because I usually give second chances, but this was a case involving a financial transaction. You don’t lie like that. It is basically stealing at that point.

He only wanted it to be able to teleport, because for him it’s annoying to find his way back to his friend or something like that.

Then he has to wait for trusted like everyone else. Basically what Kyle said.

I am not to sure if i understand what was so bad about him lieing about being donator. He got found out, and banned. He has been banned for a while. Now he seems to be sorry about it. IDK. I guess i’m just the kind of person who tends to forgive and forget a little easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking from a strictly professional level, he should remain banned until the amount that was claimed to have been donated has been paid. As Kyle said, lying about a donation is basically stealing.

Myth I would like to clarify a bit. He got donator without donating. Not only this but the day he donated admin rank got hacked by a donator.

^ A donator who lied about donating. Two people lied about donating, not including jo. Then the hacking stuff.

Oh… Yeah, didn’t know that. Yeah, that is pretty bad. :confused:

i have to agree, he should have to pay up the amount he claimed to donate. then he can do whatever he wants, + have the ability to teleport and it wont be annoying toget to his friends.

Seeing as these situations are practically the same. Heres the other guys ban appeal.

I understand the point ouhai and shad are making, but chances are e can’t pay. There are two ways of looking at this:

  1. Tough shit. Pay or stay banned. If he pays he gets donator, and can to etc.
    2.sympathise with him. No harm was done from his account I seem to remember, it was just a bad decision to lie. We could allow him back on, but as member.

so im seeing it that we take it to a vote if that is the case. sound good?