joguy1957: 29/11/2011

Minecraft Username: joguy1957
Approximate Date of Ban: 29/11/2011
OP Who Banned You: Liam599

Reason for Ban: apparantly i was griefing but i didnt know that you get banned and im a begginer, plus i only took away estimated 3 blocks…
Reason for Unban: I am a begginer and all my things are on that server and my friends
Server: Survival

He’s my friend in school and I know he just began and shit and I know that Nek will say “It’s common sense not to break something that isn’t yours” But he really didn’t know, that griefing wasn’t allowed.

BTW what did he grief?

I believe it was fatso who banned you, not me. Waiting for his response.

I found that Gggeeee’s wart farm just outside the portal was ransacked again, even though he placed signs there saying at least replace them if you harvest them and one saying that he will murder the next person to raid it.

both jog and another had destroyed the glass, warts and some glowstone under it, amounting to about 15? blocks or so of it.

Since the farm is small and damage was minimal i would only class this as a mild grief. As such i would say that you should take this as a warning, grief again and it will result in a perm-ban. For now however i will let is slide, please be considerate of others buildings and such.

You have been unbanned.

Hey hey hey! Don’t lock this just yet! It was MY farm he ransacked anyway! I have to go out of my way to use MY private farm and resupply! Granted it is a public farm isn’t common sense to replace it? If anything he owes me the warts he took, or at least he has to replace them! I mean I DID warn them!

(re-locking :L)