Jobs plugin for survival

So, I was applying for a job at Chick-fil-a with my one of my fake id’s and I thought to myself, why can’t we get jobs on PCB? If PCB had a jobs plugin people could mine, chop wood, and farm crap to get small amounts of money. This would motivate people to expand (as many jobs plugins have builder positions) and would also put more currency in to server circulation. This is also allow people to earn money to put in to the stocks plugin to make the economy even more dynamic that it already is.

This is really smart. This is one good way to make more money. However, this could result in a problem with the staff. Hopefully, staff can find a way to under go this idea.

A few survival cities have job centres like mine so if you are looking for jobs there are some around. As or the jobs plugin I dont know how they would work but maybe? no clue

I’ve played on servers that have this so I’ll explain for people who don’t know what this is all about, basicly you mine, farm do whatever and obtain an item you want to sell then
make sure that it’s selected on your hot bar then a few commands I’ve seen are “/sell” “/sell hand” and "/sell . Then you get what er the item was priced at [ 1 Dirt = $0.01 ] [ 1 Wood Log =$ 0.20 ]

Personally I think it could help boost the survival economy { Survival Companys could be started Tree Farms, Slime Farms, Regular Wheat Farms and players could buy shares into the company like the stock plugin. }

This has been done without the plugin successfully in the previous market. At various stalls at the market there used to be a sign saying “WE NEED YOUR [spruce wood] BY [January 9]” and a shop that would stay there until the deadline has passed offering a better price on selling the wood than you would normally get. Maybe a revival of this system is in order?

What Asmodean said. No job plugin is necessary, we pretty much have tools made to work without it.

If you’re looking for survival jobs, I’d suggest finding a job centre. The scheme was put in recently so you may need to ask the mayor of the town if they have a job centre already.

The only problem with job centers is they simply move money from a town owner to a worker. A jops plugin would generate new money which could then be circulated around the server.
A chest shop/sign system works but is quite rudimentary when compared to a set-in-stone system for making money.

So instead of speaking like any other player to another player for a ‘job’, you need a specific plugin that ‘talks’ for you so you do a job?

Communication is the key

There is no need for “new money” to be created. We have a fairly vanilla server, and have no need to add complex plugins that could potentially interfere with what ones we already have established. As for money on the server, it’s not needed to generate; Just stop paying it all to the same few people who have it all.

Most likely, all other staff will agree with this. A jobs plugin is unneeded, and silly.


We don’t need one.