Job promotion

Sup MC family.
So finally after years of doing odd jobs, im finally starting to get my shit together.
Im sure you noticed ive been disappearing again the last week or so, and I assure you it is only temporary for now, as im about to be getting a pretty big job promotion.

Some of you know that i moved back home to North Carolina about the middle of last year, and finally found a good job working for Xerox, doing contractor work for Apple Inc.

Well, finally, after about 9 months of working myself to the bone, I am applying and have a REALLY good shot of being promoted to a Flex Trainer for this company, which means ill be training the new people how to do this job starting out, and getting them ready to talk on the phone for Customer Support, and include a huge pay raise :3

So yeah, long story short, I may be in and out again for a while, but with a pay raise comes more money to spend on things that need to be fixed, including my computer, so once i get this new one built, i will be on more often…

Love you guys a ton! And thanks to everyone for keeping this Haven open for me to come back to anytime i need to!


good to hear! I’m happy for you :smiley:
Good luck on getting the promotion and all your future endeavours!

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Good luck, Shadow. I hope you get your promotion.

Gl, cheers to not just this one but to much more promotions!

Late reply (trawling through the forums once again…) but fucking baller, dude! Glad to hear life is going well for you :slight_smile: