Jmvvana's Lament

Hey, this is Jm, (most likely to be something else soon). I am planning on buying a new account, because something clearly happened to my account. I guessed over and over again, migrated the account, sent emails, attempted to change passwords over and over again, made sure my user was right, ect. The battle wages on, and IF I buy a new account, it will likely be Jmvvana_II or something stupid like that. Idk guys… I’ll figure something out. -Jm

[size=12px]Back to the name thing. On this site it says I earned trusted? Can someone confirm this? If so, when I get my new account can you promote that account and demote jmvvana? (Don’t do it yet, I don’t have the new account yet you silly geese)

Have you contacted mojang support?

Just a heads up you didnt actually say thanks which could just be appreciated by staff…

Yes! You’re trusted! Congrats! It’s a lot easier to just promote the new account too, and leave jmvvana trusted in addition. Congrats again!

Thanks guys for promoting me! ;D (and I did contact mojang after migrating the account, but it didn’t help much. I plan on doing it tomorrow afternoon though again)

[size=12px]#WhenYouForgetYourPassword #yolo

It’s called account support and recover your password.

jm dont be lazy and actually call please, don’t waste your money lol

Please stop making new topics for the same problem.

Im going to call again tonight after I do a geography project, and I’m sorry to staff that I keep posting about this. -Jm