jm199959 - July of 2014


Minecraft Username jm199959

Date of Ban July of 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Forgotten

Reason for Ban Griefing in CMP

Reason to be Unbanned Did not grief anyone. If I did anything I would have fixed it. By the way what does CMP Mean??? Please help me get back on to the server i miss my friends in Infadesk ( a city in creative mood which I helped build and get warp.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
26th of June, 2014

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You were banned by Zakrox96 for Griefing in CMP (Creative Multi-Player) on 2014/7/09

EDIT: Please do not “Report” Your own post to get attention. Staff (Zak) will get to you, Please be patient. Don’t push it.

I have one question for the person who is banned, yes it is possibly relevant, Where you with someone when you were banned?

No I was not I was going around the city of Infadesk. I believe i was falsely accused.

If zak doesn’t reply, I will reply the verdict tomorrow around the same time this was posted.

Thank you

Someone should’a told me I had an active appeal in-game. :stuck_out_tongue: Never realized it was here.

As for your banning, I can’t remember specifically what you griefed, but I would assume it was somewhat malicious, as I don’t ban for minor grief usually. I’ll give you another chance, so I’ll unban next time I’m on.