Minecraft Username: jjvvana

Date of Ban: July 1st 2017

Banned by: jmvvana

Reason for Ban: “alt of apvvana :)”

Reason to be Unbanned: Years ago he had me and apvvana banned. The three of us are brothers. I never even joined the server and he pretty much banned me out of spite. He logged into apvvana’s account and placed a few blocks, then used this as a reason to ban him as I believe he was some sort of staff at the time and had the power to do so. Fast forward 2 years and apvvana has been unbanned and won his appeal. As a part of that I was supposed to be unbanned but it still won’t let me on. jmvvana has talked to a member of the staff and they think I can’t be unbanned because I never even joined the server. So basically I did nothing wrong and just want to play on the server with my brothers.

Previous appeals: no

Appeal wasnt necessary, the server believes he isnt banned because the account never actually joined before it was banned as a plausible alt to apvvana. Is there any way for this to be fixed?