Jibr - 02/24/13


Minecraft Username Jibr

Date of Ban 02/24/13
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Dragon_Slayer24

Reason for Ban (Ab)using an Enderman Grinder

Reason to be Unbanned Abusing ordinary spawners just isn’t enough sometimes, so it was only a matter of time before I turned to using that dusty enderman grinder of Robin’s that had been rotting away in a distant corner of the End for a long, long time. I figured that it must be a bit rusty around the joints, you know, like an athlete just getting on the field after a long break for injury. You have to think of the spawner’s feelings, too, you know. Anyway, I get on this big mass of white wool and asymmetrically-placed stone half-slabs and start violently concluding the lives of these ender(men)?.

Nothing has ever felt better, man. It was stress relief at its finest, beating the sleep-deprived purple eyes off of those freakishly tall twiggy pieces of garbage. Little did I know, however, that Dragon_Slayer21 was there with me, staring through a window. You see, I was attempting to get experience to make myself some radical pants. Unfortunately, gleaming gem-trousers now seem like a distant speck on the horizon.

If you people want, I can set my /home somewhere less rule-breaking, like on top of an enemy’s home or inside of a slightly less profitable overworld mob grinder.
Let me take this opportunity, however, to protest the banning of automated enderman health-decreasing machines. Not only does the ban seem a bit unfair to those who spent hours to build them (like Robin) or the lazy jerks who paid to access them (like me), the term ‘enderman grinder’ seems a bit vague.

If unbanned, I’ll unset my home from the enderman grinder, throw myself off of a blocky cliff, and rip up my glistening diamond pants along with my hopes and dreams.

Sincerely, Jibr

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Lol I like the appeal. I was just following rules. I didnt wanna ban u but i say u could be unbanned. Anyone else got anything to say?

Set your home elsewhere and we are good I think.

Sure, but unfortunately my IP address is still ‘bANZ3D’ from the server. If you’d be snazzy enough to unban it, I’d gladly /sethome in my basement.

Unbanned. Locked.

This has to be one of the most entertaining ban appeals I have ever read. No radical pants for you!

Can this be an example for not only a great ban appeal but one of the most entertaining as well?

I would like to see that. An “example” appeal so others have some idea what to write. At least it shows some effort put in the appeal.

Indeed, Loved it, usually get bored of reading the crap that has been written but this one i had to read until then end :slight_smile:

Great effort there think that would deserve a unbanned on it own

_ Rippor

If people got unbanned for great effort, PCB would be in shambles…

Every banned player ever was/is would remake a ban appeal and put great effort into it just to get unbanned.

I probably misunderstood that

Sorry but who has put effort into a ban appeal… all the ban appeals ive seen have seemed to drag on BUT this was different… tbh it was humor (guessing ur not the joking type) and feel he should be unbanned as he seems a nice person when ive seen him or seen him speaking tbh …

_ Rippor

Me? not the joking type? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! lol! You have to spend more time with me. I joke/troll all the time

Anyways it’s locked for a reason.

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