JIA0020 Moving....

Hello Guys,

Even though it’s been 2 months…

I’ll be transferring over to another server when it is ready…btw I wouldn’t tell anyone the server IP Address on this thread, so don’t ask.

I might be on once a while. But otherwise it’s just study (for VCE) and Managing another server.

P.S. All my stuff will be on sale…

:’( :’( :’( :’(

well this is sort of whats happening to me, i’m getting more onto another server (which happens to be a flans mod server) but i won’t on as much but im not selling my stuff… but enough about me!

it’s always sad to see a member of our server migrate. but i hope you have fun on your new server

Lol I am doing the same thing too, because I own a server now (I ain’t telling no one the IP) so I don’t play here as much. I still login sometimes though. Have fun at your new server!

:o RGA I never see you on.

LOL you think you can leave PCB! LOL ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: ;D you can never escape PCB!!!


If you’re leaving, can I have the spot your shop occupies in /warp market? It’s near-prime real estate! ;D