jbharvey: June, 11th

Minecraft Username: jbharvey
Approximate Date of Ban: June, 11th
OP Who Banned You: Hard24get

Reason for Ban: Hel say mouthing off… id say his little brother decided to tangle words with me and he had to step in and ban due to being out smarted?

Reason for Unban: When little brother cant handle his own business big brother shouldn’t just step in and ban… this shows the lack of confidence and moral-ship of your current in-game staff…

Btw no cursing was used in any conversation aside from when hard24get started in on his 14year old rant.

If that is accurate, I say unban.
However, I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you, as that could be what lead to you being banned in the first place.

ALSO Do not start advertising in your ban appeal! Seriously, you bad mouth other players, then expect to be unbanned then praised for whatever is in that link?

Tread carefully.

serious first racism is not accepted in pcb at all then u are still talking bad to the person you offended and staff u are seriously asking for it

Racism?? what is so racist about anything i said? i like rice cakes… 30+ mins of questioning my business / coding ethics is just about as racist if you ask me

Um, Jb? Who the heck do you think you are? Hard asked you like 4 time to stop being racist and you just kept going on. Hard’s exact words are, “Racism is no laughing matter” and you say " You should just go make some rice cakes and shut the f**k up!". Then when Hard finally is through, you start mouthing off and he bans you… he was going to IP ban you.

Id like to bring to attention what he’s done to the landscape rather than just lipping off players.

And thats after I blocked a ton of it off on the right side too

No explanation needed. Banned. Actions will be rolled back by Admin’s unless he comes up with a VERY good explanation.

My old fortress of lag =) was only 60% done or so, anyway i found a better minecraft server ( more players " lol at the 6 that play on this one, oh opps 5 now that i don’t play " … And a much more mature game staff, and airplane mod ftw ) - Was fun, just remember hard24get you WILL never be on my level of programing…

[links deleted]

^^ all owned and developed by me =) what do you have hard? a non paying moderator job on minecraft with 10max active players… loling all the way to the bank buddy… really lol

Hey R33, that pic you posted was not griefing. I was at that place with the owner as they placed the water.

Anyway, he has clearly earned himself the ban at this point.

I think the most important thing here was forgotten by the staff here.


Calling someone names and arguing with them over their retarded comments gets you nowhere. In this situation people should have casually said what the true reason for his ban was, questioned him, and proceeded to keep him banned or unban him.

I’m removing all the pointless posts in this thread to show what this ban appeal SHOULD have looked like.

I also don’t want regular players posting in ban appeals unless they’re an eye witness. You guys aren’t the staff. Let us do our job. We don’t need back-seat moderators.

Wow. I remember talking to this dude awhile back when he first started that fortress of his. I thought he was cool. Oh well…

I think everyone is forgetting the fact that this is LOCKED.

Unban? There are many diffrenty ways to say this
Hell No
Fuck No
Bitch Fuck No.
Hell to the No.
Access Denied
Bitch Please.
No, Just No.
No Mean’s No

Haha Hard

HE DID THAT?! O.k. Jb, care to explain that???

Btw Bitch. Hes not my Brother. Hes my bro.
And Were both white.

Ya know only thing that comes from Texas, steers and queers… and i don’t see any cattle…

whats your IP : ]

JB, you need to fuck off dude.

You’re insulting both me and Hard.

You’re treading on thin ice.
I suggest you fucking get your act together.

littleman123… two words for ya… blow me

Look its the PCB game staff… doesn’t surprise me one bit… guy on the far left has to be hard24get… i see were he gets his name

Left to Right - Hard24get, Kyle, Megaman, Reebok