Java Be Blockin Things

So a lil’ while back, i tried playing minecraft classic in the browser on, but java blocked that for some reason… i have now been into some emulators like xtdos, a disc Operating System emulator. it requires java in the browser. when it comes up saying java needs permission to run on this sight, and i click always run on this sight, it says java has blocked this application due to security reasons… it’s been popping up like this in pretty much every site i go to that uses java. I’ve been searching around the web trying to find a way around but i can’t… i know there are some smart people on this server so I was wondering if someone could help?

note: i can’t provide screenshots at the moment but will when i can



Java is often a major security threat. Most if not all browsers will block Java unless you force allow it. Even then, some will block it if your version is old.

Suggest updating Java, trying a different browser (Chrome perhaps?), or just getting WOM + XWOM if MC is all you want.

i am using chrome i always do, but it’s not just minecraft classic that i want to use. a lot of other stuff that i want to use requires java in browser like xtdos but i don’t know how to force allow it. i just wanted to know how to get java to not be blocked