james_cow - some were around 3 months ago i guess


Minecraft Username james_cow

Date of Ban some were around 3 months ago i guess
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by it was something billy he has a sheep builder skin i dont find him in staff

Reason for Ban i got banned becouse he was anoying me that billy. and i called him a touche…
please unbann me…i know that busterlef knows me

Reason to be Unbanned im super frendly and im sorry that i was mad it only heppends when im mad! i will never do something bad again

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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The staff’s name would probably be Whubilly10, but it could be randombilly.

yea it is him is he still staff?

Yeah. Whub is an OP.

Wait, did you call him a ‘douche’ or said to him ‘touché’?

i forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

I really want to play on this server…

Im sure you called him a douche. Calling him touche would not fit the situation.

Whether whubilly10 or randombilly, yhey are both staff if im not mistaken

I must say, I am not impressed by your attempt at a ban appeal. There are plenty of spelling mistakes throughout your appeal which tells me you did not put much effort in. Not to mention it took you three months to make an attempt at all.

Tell us, why do you want to join our server? How long were you with us before the ban? Optional, but how old are you?

I also find the promise to, “never do something bad again” to be ridiculous. It’s like saying “I will never make a mistake again in my life”. It is a promise that almost no one can keep.

You are never to be unbanned. As for what happened you made sexist comments, homophobic comments, swore repeatedly and cause trouble throughout your time on the server. As for this “im super frendly and im sorry that i was mad it only heppends when im mad! i will never do something bad again” I gave you plenty of chances that day and you just carried on. I’m sure if I unbanned you there would be numerous reports against you and you would be banned again pretty soon. Locked.

look .
im only 13 years old and i played on the server for 4 months .
im sorry for buggin all the jokes.
I didnt know that someone cared.
im friendly when im nice.
just give me one change.

I know this is locked, but I want to make it clear to everyone that ignorance does NOT equal innocence.

Ignorance of the rules is worse than breaking them knowingly. It shows you truly couldn’t care less.

He didn’t care at all he was making offensive comment after offensive comment.