I am currently helping someone with a prison and I had an idea what if we did instead of kicking someone we should send them to prison for a mc day


Well, for Survival there already is something like this. /Jail i think. And sending them there could be good, but nice idea.

@Dantosky we have normal and maximum but this will be a creative jail

There’s been a jail for ages now, but people don’t tend to get put in it that much; they either get kicked or banned. IMO, there’s not really much point for a jail, apart from when we had guides that couldn’t ban so they got sent to jail to stop them from being able to do anything.

we already have jails, and they can be used as a punishment. /jail can be used by Mod+ although as sam said its a seldom seen punishment compared to others.

my jail will look really cool so maybe we wont use it for its purpose it will be for show

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thx @CallumW25