/jail for /banned

I know you locked the previous PCB ban page thing, but seeing the /jail command made me think:
I think that if you have been permabanned, but if you are sorry and still want to be part of the community you should be able to be unbanned and just /jail’d. This would let members like Yomi (even though she was unbanned) be able to come on the server and just chat to people without any chance of that person griefing/lagging the server. I would only ask this for people who have been part of the community for a long time and have been integrated into it, if that person’s reason for a ban was rampant racism (yay! alliteration!) then by no means let them on, but merely for those sorry souls (yay! more alliteration) that would just like to have a chat. If these people did something that would warant a permaban then by all means ban them from even jail, and never let them on again.
Just thought it might be nice.


Please see the previous thread for the reasoning. It just wouldn’t work out. And, we decided to unban Yomi anyway, so that defeats the purpose.

Can’t people talk in the ban appeal thread?

only about the ban itself. And that[Max’s option] would probably help you know them better than just how good they are at defending themselves on a ban appeal.

Yeah but think about this Vir, staff locks an appeal after a while. Max I agree 100 percent with you.

That’s the thing. If they’re banned, we don’t want them to contribute in conversation.

but a lot of them weren’t banned for their contribution in conversation, and Max’s point was that this would not apply to those who were.

I don’t think you’re understanding my point. It doesn’t matter why they were banned; if you’re banned from PCB, we don’t want you to have access to any of PCB’s services, which includes chat. So, it doesn’t really matter why you’re banned, we cannot have you chatting on the server.

I don’t see the point of having a jail, considering that it would just mean that the server would have to dedicate additional CPU cycles, RAM, and network bandwidth to accommodate players that would do nothing but sit there and chat.

A ban on PCB is intended to be inclusive of all PCB services - there is no partial ban of any sort. If you are banned from the server, you’re also banned from the Dynmap chat (a bit hard to enforce, but banned nevertheless), the forums, and presumably the TS server as well (I think? Never really tried using our TS).

Becoming separated from the social scene on PCB is a consequence of getting banned. Remember that before you decide to do something stupid™.

See above 2 posts.