jahbrenpanvilla - 9th of June, 2015


Minecraft Username jahbrenpanvilla

Date of Ban 9th of June, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by PrinceMark

Reason for Ban Grieving AnoBudday and possible more

Reason to be Unbanned it was inside my town and i thought i had the right to take down what they build

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Correct me if Im wrong:

AnoBuddy reported grief on a house you gave to him/her. The entire roof was griefed and afterward we found out that the house originally belonged/was built to Claudia/Lew. Claudia said she was surprised because she didn’t recall giving you permission to own the house. After all she did build it, but regardless you destroyed a player’s home that they put work into on the inside as well. You should have at least told that player you were removing it since Ano is active.

i understand that i grief it but i was not trying to grief i was getting rid of roof because i didnt like it but i even said that someone put the roof on without permission but no one listen so i decide to take it down .next time ill put a sign down saying i dont like it. in crying right now please i dont want to be ban from this server server their no other server like this
i promise!

Well Before i Bought this House you should of told me That I have to Get Permission from Claudia to own this house. But you did not tell me.So it is pretty much your fault. Buttttt You should be Unbanned because i think you are a nice person and a good owner of the server.


Were you building the railroad tracks?
JahBren, did the sign say lew/claudia house whatever
and why was i banned for greifing you i did not grief you i tried to help, please answer these questions as soon as possible.

i said im sorry i never was told to tell the player that i was surpose to tell the player i just wnat a second chance

I made that house to sell it (for free and I never got to sell it) and I never said to anyone that I would be selling it.
I wanted to give that house to my friend 1Amelia (I wanted to be nice). You did give some more plots of mine to other players and which I put a sign that said " This BIG plot Claimed By: Claudia and Lew housing LTD" and I put leaves to make the outlines for the new homes that I was going to build. There was only one outlined plot in the big plot left for me. You never asked me if it was ok to give that guy that home, and I looked at the rules and it never said that you or any member could take down any builds. so yeah that is what I have to say. Oh I might post another one if I remember anything

-Claudia :slight_smile:

Dont let silly trouble happen again, case closed