_JackOfAllTrades - 9th of April, 2017


Minecraft Username _JackOfAllTrades

Date of Ban 9th of April, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Jm “my man my dude” Vvana

Reason for Ban Use of a malicious client.

Reason to be Unbanned Salutations!

I’d like to start out with I love to see that PCB is not only still up but thriving. How long has the server been up, 8, 9 years now? Great job guys.

I digress, I’ve been naughty. This Wednesday I celebrated my 2 year of membership to this server, and sadly I spent it in banhood.

Just to jog your memory: I was sentenced with use of malicious clients on December 15th, 2016. During the reign of one dude (who’s brother broke my shit and had a similar username [can’t remember it]) I gave up my use of malicious clients to prove he was using the same one. I would like to point out: I hadn’t used it but for full bright & fancy chat, and I never intended to use it on PCB (wanted to fuck w/ MinePlex). Unfortunately, moderators have a job to do, and JM had to put me down. But I will survive (with your help)!

No, this is not my first ban. I’ve had maaaany ban appeals before this one, but most are dupes of the same ban. Here are my previous ban appeals:

Allow me to thank you JM for considering before you lock the thread after declining the appeal (not sarcasm).

[ Ban History ] 4 other ban appeals found
17th of February, 2017

20th of January, 2017

16th of December, 2016

8th of December, 2016

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Sorry to double post, but after some investigating I’d like to use another incident as evidence: BaneoverpowersMC vs PCB, 3/30/2017. I think is was his first offence, but he actually used nuker (on accident) and apologized and was unbanned immediately. I didn’t use any malicious features, accidentally or not, only client side features.

Not trying to manipulate, just really want to come back.

Second Edit: The dude was either Cantu55 or 55Cantu


Its good to see that you actually admitted using clients rather than me finding it out. It has also been a good chunk of time, and I am willing to let you back in but on a few conditions:

  1. Turn off all clients except stuff like Optifine
  2. Never use clients like them again
  3. Be a good noodle from now on

EDIT: Unbanned, locked