JackEvereds - 19th of December, 2015


Minecraft Username JackEvereds

Date of Ban 19th of December, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by VRA

Reason for Ban Unwanted PVP

Reason to be Unbanned Please see previous ban appeal, I used proper form and then broke it by editing a username.

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
19th of December, 2015

22nd of April, 2015

22nd of April, 2015

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This might sound rude, but I would like a response by morning, I know that most of you are asleep though.

Banned by @VRA , he’s an aussie so you will have to be patient. That said, I can tell you now you are going to have to put more effort in your appeal.

Well Jack, here is your response. You are the banned player and do not get to tell the staff when they need to reply to you. I know VRA banned you, but if it were up to me at this point there would definitely be at least a temp ban in place to give you time to read the forums and the rules, as it seems you have missed some.

As for your previous appeal, you were in another player’s house, and that person told you to leave. I would like to know who tp’d you into the house in the first place, as I read it, that person is also abusing their tp privileges. You also broke blocks in his house. The bottom line you PVP’d and griefed. That is bannable.

As for your response from VRA, he will get to it when he feels like it.

As stated in the previous ban appeal, CaptainCow1 tp’ed me in, but I requested it as he had just died and I wanted to help him recover his stuff/revenge. Please do not blame Captain for my faults, as he didn’t ask me to kill MattDB. Also, I was banned for unwanted pvp, not greifing, and though I did enter his house, nothing was broken, I replaced the blocks. The reason why there is a hole in his house is one “RainbowDashDash” who basically did the same thing as me even though we didn’t coordinate the attempt at the same time. I came in the back by parkouring and then breaking wood logs on the second floor, and she just broke the logs to the left of the front door and didn’t bother putting them back. You could probably check block logs for evidence, even if he already fixed the hole.

Also, please consider the previous ban appeal I made.

I am truly sorry for the 19 lost xp levels. If you had that many it means you were either trying not to die or just needed xp, and I took both from you. You won’t even have to have any contact with me no matter if I get banned or not.


My apologies to the staff who have responded to this, I really didn’t mean to sound rude. I can totally take like a 5 hour or even rest of day temp ban for this, I realize the severity of the Unwanted PVP

Jack what you wrote to me on your older appeal was very very rude. I do not like that you said please think before you type. VRA has all the chat logs. He knows what you said and did. So don’t try to correct me, you think before you act next time okay? -MattDB

Uh, excuse me? Are you trying to accuse me of lying? You can check my user chat logs, I tp’ed to Captain, and what you said threatened me and quite frankly I felt was rude, along with this passive aggressive “accusation”. I never insulted you in the previous ban log, and I am certainly retracting my apology to you. You seem to think I was fully in the wrong and you were fully in the right, but it wasn’t all black and white, you were being rude to me and I retaliated by breaking into your house. Don’t you play high and mighty here, and you should think before you type, because your info was extremely incorrect. You used the chat logs as evidence, but I believe they will point to me being correct.

Please do not reply to this any longer, all you are doing is filling up filling up the appeal with useless and false information. At least mine is informative and correct.

Edit: Let the staff decide who is correct, I’d prefer not to speak with you anymore.

VRA, I will make a decision here, feel free to change it if you would like.

Due to the continuing arguing here on your ban appeal, you have one month temp ban.

Resolved. Locked.

Generally shitty attitude. Happy with Madant’s decision. See you in a month.