JackEvereds - 19th of December, 2015

Minecraft Username JackEvereds
Date of Ban 19th of December, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by VRA
Reason for ban I killed someone (MattDB) who didn’t wish to be killed, over a miscommunication with a friend.
Reason for unban I apologized, didn’t take his things, and it was a misunderstanding.
PS: There was an incident after in which was messing with the same player, in which I “broke” in, (I replaced blocks of course) which is entirely separate, but I didn’t want to seem like I was hiding it.

Jack, you killed me for no apparent reason, and I lost 19 Full bars of experience because of that. It was very rude for Cookie to tp you into my house as well along with your other friends. I kicked you out of my house and you broke blocks to get back in. I hope you consider that this is not acceptable and this is your lesson. Along with that I hated how you blamed it on me by saying I was being a jerk to Cookie. I do not appreciate this at all, and you and your friends should be taught a lesson. - MattDB

Okay, no. 1:
I don’t remember that well, but I think CaptainCow1 tp’ed me in.
No. 2:
I killed you because “you” killed him. I then realised after that it was in fact a different player, and apologized.
No. 3:
You were, quite frankly, being very rude to me and the other people in your house, using caps to tell us to get out, including a Donator, TheDigitalCookie.
No. 4:
You damaged my character to 1 1/2 hearts when you “kicked” me out of your house.
No. 5:
Yes I broke in. That is a separate story and not why I was banned. If you feel that this needs to be taken into account, ask first, but that has nothing to do with this appeal.

No. 6:
I’m sorry you lost xp.
No. 7:
I replaced those blocks, no harm done (other than the fact that technically, as of 7:57 my character is still in your house).
No. 8:
I find “you and your friends should be taught a lesson” and “I hated how…” a little threatening/rude. Please revise your manner of speech when speaking to me.

Please think before you type in the future.

Please use the appropriate form here: http://projectcitybuild.com/appeal.php