Ive had enough

Ive been bullyed on this server by admins AND Members.If this dosent stop RIGHT NOW, you wont have a good day. Admin John, Anima and Marco to name a few. I want this resolved. I don’t want this to become like roblox, with bullies aplenty

Hello, you started complaining etc etc. And it wasnt bullying, @ops: feel free to look in the logs.

You should look at YOURSELF too and not move it to other people, thank you.

Edit: forgot: complaining about nicks wich are trusted+ , aaking for a rank etc etc.

well the lack of self control will get you no where on this server. Also, John, Ani and Marco are not Admins. thanks for playing.

Now, shall we start with a fresh plate and an actual problem, or shall i take it as bullying, and believe our Operators and Trusted players?

If you felt it as bullying then I am very sorry I don’t mean it like that
i thought u also found it funny that i changed ur name to something different then what u asked

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bully

he told me it wasn’t me

And jx, if you mesn with bullying that the half server was using # … Then just… Dafu

And you told me to shut up (literaly) without an actual reason, and you called trusted overpowered members…

Whoa whoa whoa, BULLYING? No. On this server, unlike 90% of all OTHER Minecraft servers, we have rules. Rules that you and everyone else has to follow. These rules are in place and are strictly upheld so that we dont become one of the 90% of servers that is ran like an anarchy or dictatorship. Now I wasn’t in on what all was happening between you, john, and whoever today, but I got a good idea. You weren’t following the rules and you weren’t listening to the staff after they told you to stop whatever you were doing. You don’t follow the rules, we staff have to enforce them. WE had enough of YOU. So you got muted, a much nicer punishment than a ban. Now if a few simple rules are too much for you to handle, than you can leave. Nobody here has chained you down to this server. So get with the program, follow the rules, or leave. The choice is yours bro.

It’d be useful if someone gave some substantial information on what happened. All I know is that Yomi was messing around with nicknames, and we can’t come up with a solution if the question is vague.

For now I lock this post because we are working on it on both parties and the thread is falling behind

We want you guys to normal talk about it. He may have misunderstood some stuff which maybe you guys didn’t explain well I don’t know

If something happens just work it out as gentlemen and if that doesn’t help Call ME <—

Locked Pm if you want to say something that is important. This thread is just spreading hate.

If it is really serious make a player report and we staff will search it out counts also for staff members

Locked or not, I’m posting what started this, as of today…

I noticed that a Member had a nickname. I removed it. That member complained, and began rambling on about how he was an admin/owner/staff/etc of other servers. I attempted to explain to him that it isnt allowed, but he continued to go on and on. Epic_dude(insert numbers here) logged on and had a nickname aswell, from the same op/mod. I removed theirs aswell, as it was a sub ranking of the FCA(same as Jx’s). Others continued on talking about it, I warned once, waited 3 minutes, and then muted the 2 trusted that wouldnt shut their traps. Left them muted for 5 minutes, then unmuted them. Jx then proceeded to continue going on and on about how it was ‘bullying’. Tired of hearing about false accusations, I muted him for 2 minutes, and the proceeded to unmute him. This was the end of the conflict.

So basically police action, made into a heap of shit for no reason. Thanks for clearing that up John. =3


I also noticed that a lot of normal members have a Nick these days I had also taken Jx’s nick once but Ymbninja gave it back

ok nothing more in this it is locked. We can make a thread in the staff board about it if we need to