iv change my name

As a few of you guys know i have change my name .My name before was SwimGirlForLife ,but now it is SwimGirl_ as sugested by asmodean_ .So thank you!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

All because it didn’t fit on a sign :slight_smile:

;DxDxDxD,yeah and it was just too long :stuck_out_tongue:

So your name has changed 3 times. well I got to admit Swimgirl defiantly sounds better than loomyblock and Swimgirlforlife aha

I know that feeling…

Sacreddeathflam ;-;

I didn’t know that you changed the name but my only guess is the name come to your head because of your swimming experience. I think xD

yeah andre your right ,u see i still wanted to swim in my name because well i swim and i just like my nick name as swim!! ;D ;D

I did say that Swim_ was available.

oh yeah well u said swim_ which was helpful then i added girl so yeah ;D ;D

It would have fit, if not for the &c&l I put in front of it…

your right mount but it was too long anyway ;D :wink: