It's TimNerd2!

Hello everyone!

I am a new member to the server but am learning a great deal of the features fast! I am a weekend Minecraft player but in the weeks I may get time to play. I am a 21 year old, school teacher from Australia. I love to assist everyone with building and with questions. I also do a small bit of coding in Java, and I am open to developing plugins.

The reason I joined the server is for its offering of creative building no plot style. I like the community, I have much to learn still and I hope I get to know you all in the future and help the community!

The nerd

Welcome to the server you’ll have a jolly good time here! I actually joined the server last year also because of plotless creative. If you have any questions etc. do let us know :smiley:

Heyo and welcome to our amazing community, i am sure you will fit in well here. If you need anything at all, feel free to ask and we will be happy to help!

I like the no-plot style too :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome!

Yay another Aussie! Whereabouts are you at if I may ask?

Don’t tell him, he’ll find you.

Swiggity Swooty.

On an unrelated note, welcome to our server. Enjoy your stay.

That is cool another Aussie our server Admins are Australians lol but anyways welcome to the team man. ;D

Ayy more aussies! 8)

Welcome to the server :slight_smile: If you need any help, let me know! And its great that we have more computer guys on the server! It could be a huge help one day :slight_smile: Enjoy PCB! I know I did!

Thanks for the love and support, it was a great welcoming into such an awesome place. Hope to hang more here :slight_smile:

Sydney, until 2010 :3