It's the Time of Giving!

Come one, come all, to the Project City Build’s Second Annual Christmas Event!

As you all know, Christmas is the time of giving. For this holiday, PCB hosts a gift giving event where players can create presents and give them to others.


How to participate:

[ol][li]Gather Items that you may wish to give to other players[/li]
[li]Warp to the Christmas Event area at /warp Christmas[/li]
[li]Find a spot within the circular boundary to build your present(s)[/li]
[li]Don’t forget to label to whom the Presents are for![/li][/ol]


[ul][li]Presents may not exceed a 5x5x5 box[/li]
[li]Do not open any presents to others(if they are not from you)[/li]
[li]Presents are not to be opened before 12:00(High Noon) GMT December 24th[/li][/ul]


I’ve already sorted out all of my christmas gifts, so yeah! I do like the kind of things that people have been doing, especially ferrari. (BTW - ‘Your new special friend’, AKA a snow golem is a great gift!)

Giv me al de diminds

Only 3 Hours, and 27 Minutes remain until the opening of the gifts!

Be sure to fill the last of your Christmas gifts!

wait a sec what time GMT/ GMT+1 does this start?

15 minutes from… Now

/ till the server is up? =D

Event is still on. Server is updated though. Don’t forget to change to 1.7.2!

Hey um… I didn’t have the time to go trough all the presents, but did anyone leave one for me, just wonderin.

I wasn’t on the server for presents :frowning:

Please dont bump topics when its not needed :slight_smile: