It's So COLD! D:

post if you are in the cold areas or Canada and northern USA

Wind Chill: -36


I’m British, so even though it’s at the toasty 3 degrees C (or 37.4 F), I still want to complain about it.


How are you still alive?

Winnipeg, -29, windchill -42


It’s 43°F right now (or 6.1°C for you non-imperialists).
It’s gonna drop to ~25°F tonight (or -3.9°C).

In the summer, however, it gets upwards of 100°F (37.8°C).

We’re a very dynamic state, temperature-wise.

Boston MA right now is 21F (with windchill feels like ~7F)

Where I am in MA is 23F right now (with windchill it feels like ~9F)

UPDATE: it is 8:55pm and 1F
UPDATE: it is 9:35pm and -1F

Houston Texas
69F (20C)

-29 C
-37 windchill

ayeee (but i’m actually in San Antonio for the weekend and then off to Florida)

New Mexico, USA; 73 Degrees F.

Im literally in my summer clothes lol

At the moment I’m around 28°C (82°F), however as it’s getting dark temperatures are going down (Probably not lower than 19°C tough)

Nova Scotia: -10 Celsius it will be colder later on!! D:

isn’t new mexico just all summer all the time though?

I heard it gets pretty snowy in the north sometimes, Ruby. Like, Albuquerque north. Never been there, though.