It's not us!

Luckily, it isn’t just us that is down!

Mojang/Msft have been ddos’d, which brought down the authentication servers. However, this means that you all, cannot play on the server.

I am taking advantage of the downtime by speeding up the rendering of the maps! Remember, we do also have a Terraria server incase any of you would like to play.

If you are curious as to where you may check the conditions of the Minecraft servers, you can look here.

Oh damn… Mojang was ddos’d. That just sucks!
I’ll play my SP world and build some stuff.

Thanks for the info John, was wondering what had happened.

-RJBud1 to check when the servers will come up.

even the bigger web companies are vulnerable. I wonder who is ddosing them but and why

It’s been all over twitter for hours now. Looks like HOIC Squad but it isn’t confirmed. Check twitter here:

Server is back up. Someone’s online. Don’t count on it for long… :S


Session is currently working, but slow. Down again

thats okay that the server is down after all I’m still in that “corrupted chunk”
Whatever i just got cities Skylines to make up for it. lol

um i don’t think this post is for appealing a ban ??? :-\

EDIT: Doublepost -J