Its me again

hopefully you guys remember me ;D
well a long time ago i did some things that probably werent Smart or good decisions (teleported everyone into lava).
I was forgiven for those a few months later but I stopped playing around that time. Now that I have tried to play again it still says im banned :frowning:
Well I hope i can be unbanned because even though I did some pretty bad things, in the end i was forgiven. I am not sure why I was banned again but I can assure you all it wont happen again

hello again :wink:

hi sippycup :stuck_out_tongue:


yea i did but like i said a few months later, i was forgiven and unbanned

leothellama: TPed everyone into lava

i know… everyone knows… the point is that it was a long time ago and i have already been forgiven for it which is why i am wondering why i am still banned

i literally thought this was 121, and was like wtf XD i dont know about this one some im going to keep out of it beyond this point

well shadow… The same thing happend to me too, which is why i think it has something to do with a glitch in the banned players list. The whole time i was helping you out with your town in 1.3 was after i was unbanned. The events where leo and I tped everyone in lava were prior to 1.3. As you can see from my name, im banned too. -_-

You were unbanned and then you were banned yet again.

We for banned for nothing… Unless you can be banned for inactivity ._.

i was about to say. i thought he was only gone for a while, why was he banned again? i can’t remember 121 doing anything bad the whole time he was on the 1.3 map…

Basically, we sorta decided it was a lifetime ban. I think this should be up to andy as the forum posts were directed at him.

ok then…
i just find it wierd that after we were unbanned we were banned again for the same thing

Well atleast someone told us about this reban… I thought we had earned back some of our trust, guess not.

Well the point is there was never meant to be an unban


You weren’t meant to be unbanned in the first place that is why you were re-banned.

in that case can we get unbanned? The proof that you can trust us again is that we didn´t do anything bad after we got unbanned