Items vanished

I just got blown up by a creeper and when I got back to my items a short while later, while the pile on the ground was right (displaying all the objects) when I collected it I only got back my pick and a few misc items. The rest glitched out of existence.

While I don’t expect you’ll do anything about it I thought I’d make a post just in case.

The stuff I can remember and which I need that I lost are 38 iron ore, a Thaumian sword with half its durability remaining, 3 emeralds, a book of fire protection I, two saddles, a ton of xychronium crystals, 12 or so string, 30 or so carrots, a music disc ‘Far’, 3 green sapphires, 4 ender pearl dust.

The creeper probably blew your stuff up :confused:

The stuff was actually sitting there on the floor when I got back (it was a huge pile, far more than the five items I got back), but when I stepped on top of it and it all collected half of it had vanished.

Ah, this is for FTB. If you see me on, ask me there. I can help you as something like this happened to another recently too.