Items stolen from chests.

As the title says -_- Whoever stole my stuff only took the “good” stuff… Like a whole double chest of wood diamond, bunch of stacks of cooked porkchops, lapis, diamond sword, other tools and weapons, etc. Can somebody please help me?

Use a stick

A stick…?

But… ahem… sorry about your stuff anim. I’m sure an op will find who stole it or replace it. :smiley:

The stick reference is the equivalent to the /about command in classic. If you right click on the chest, it should show you who used it. Sadly, I am unsure if this is working like it used to.

Give it a shot, you might find your thief’s name on it.

Stick wasn’t working :frowning: It was suspected that coolinator stole the stuff xD

I have 6 redstone ores. You can have one if you want to check who did the crime