Items lost due to crash.

I lost my whole inventory from the crash! I had 7 diamonds, a DiamondSword with Looting II, Fire Aspect II. I also had a diamond axe with Unbreaking III, and Eff IV. I had 3 full stacks of iron, like 43 baked potatoes, 18 glass, 28 chests, alot of spruce and oak wood like 2 stacks of each, a stack of torches, and I can not remember the rest.

Oh, also a Flame I, Punch I Bow with 4 stacks of arrows.

Lol, I also forgot, the sword was Diamond with Fire Aspect II, Looting II, Unbreaking III, and was named Homer’s Dominion

Warned for triple posting: Next time use the Modify button.

Fixed ˜-˜

Did you fix the item loss?