Items found.

I came across a stack or 2 of coal ore as well as 4 random lapis, a stack of stone and some other random junkie items while in the pods. Don’t know if they were meant to be dropped, but I figured no one would drop that much coal…

If anyone would like to claim their items, let me know, but please don’t claim it if it isn’t yours…
I know we all get excited about handouts, but I’d like to give this back to it’s rightful owner.

Are you sure you just came across it… or were you meant to find it? o.O

My guess is that someone didn’t want them and just threw them on the ground.

I seem to remember someone had their pod blown up or something they were talking to Meta last night about it
could be theirs

Moved to survival/creative.

An explosion would not have caused this. An explosion would drop a couple blocks for what was blown up, but since locked chests cannot be blown up, the items listed do not really make sense as debris leftover from an explosion.
Also, the explosion in question was something to do with a tripwire trap inside of somebody’s pod. I’m assuming from the context of this that the items were found not inside of an individual pod, but rather in the pod hallway.

Yeah, they were in the hallway, in front of a pod.

tad bit off topic, but is there a warp for the pods? (havent been on in quite some time. Baby sitting some rule breakers in TF2…)

/warp pods