Item Warehouse

A reminder to all PCB members to place your items in the giant warehouse located at /warp warehouse.

As we will be switching to a new version of the same map (seed), all creations and items will be lost. However, any items placed inside the warehouse will be transported to the new world; similarly any creation posted in the World Cleanup Board will be preserved.

Please ensure you reserve your 6 doublechests by placing your name on the sign and locking them. Any orange blocks signifies that the chests have been reserved/locked already by another player.

If your chests are in a town or creation which has already been posted for preservation you may disregard this as they will be transported over with the building.

Can we have 2 spots?

As there appears to be a lot of available spaces, I will permit it

Andy beat me to it.

I don’t see why not. You have to donate though. ;D Kidding. If you really need the space, we can always add more. Please remember that you wont need to save your chests if they are included in a saved section of the map. We copy everything of those works to the new map.

Once in the new map, please place your LWC protections on your stuff. That is not transferring.

Does that mean my hidden house near the arena will be saved and brought over? Or just the spawn town + boat?

Your gonna have to ask Andy how deep he copied spawn from. It may have your house already. You should be able to visit the new world to find it.