Item Permission.

Due to a recent post by Leothelama and 121wer. An idea came to me about certain items

Due to the fact that Notch will soon add lanterns and torches will have to be relit with flint and steel (I read this on minecraft wiki) I think flint and steel should be allowed for trusted+. Trusted players wouldn't abuse the use of fire and as of patch 1.6 fire has been "Severely nerfed so it spreads slower, and doesn't spread infinitely". There are many uses of fire for example: someone might want to make a fireplace someone might want to make an incinerator someone might want to light up a nether portal someone might want to kill a pig with fire to cook its pork and as listed b4 someone might want to relight their torches

This idea was half mine and half 121wer’s

This is only a friendly suggestion if there is any downside to this please tell me
Also please tell me if you like the idea

We did this on another server. But in this case we should turn off fire-spread with a plugin
and allow trusted+ to place Fire / Flint and steel. and we should allow water and lava to only be placed by Members+ to prevent greifing. Boats should still be banned. Redstone Repeaters has been fixed (as far as i know). vote on what you think

hell yes ty hard

yes :stuck_out_tongue:

100% we win lol jk just 2 posts

hard are we allowed to vote?


They are unnerfing fire a bit, because it was WAY too nerfed. However, it won’t be as bad as it used to be. Just pointing that out. Anyways, I say yes.

TNT. now before i get flamed here me out. (this may not be the best idea. if you dont like it so far save some time and go read a book). i remember that on another server you could make/place TNT but admins could only break it/blow it up. i could see it used for decoration/cosmetic purposes. though unfortunatly that means ackers could easily blow it up. idk it might be cool but at the same time a danger.

I suppose we could test it for a while and see if people abuse it. I don’t think water needs to be blocked to trusted+ because people still need it for mining near lava and it is easy to fix water griefing.

If we could make it so TNT did not blow up, then I think it may be alright to have. I still think redstone repeaters are a bad idea. Flashing redstone paths cause my game to lag something awful.

If for whatever reason Notch actually implements laterns (which I doubt won’t be for a very long time) then I will enable Flint and Steel, until then the same deal goes. This also allows us to regulate access to the Nether which we will need to discuss once we have 1.6 functioning.

Lava has more uses than just griefing. It can be used for large quantities of furnacing and preventing water use by Guests would be quiet frustrating since it’s needed for putting out lightning fires, removing cavern lava, creating obsidian, creating soil for farms, making contraptions and traps, etc.

Firespread will never be taken off. Nerfed or not, it still causes significant lag and there’s just too much potential for griefing (spawn, wooden towns, user houses). It’s just an unnecessary hassle that should be prevented.

Boats will remain banned until Notch fixes them for SMP.

Redstone repeaters may or may not still cause lag (still need to test this), but infinite looping repeaters do - and repeaters just make it easier to create.

There is still a lot of testing to be done once we get 1.6 up

That should be quite soon. Notch said he wouldn’t update any more till 1.7 We are currently on 1.6.6

With the flint and steel thing, as andy said, no till lanterns are implemented. maybe for now have them for admins only to make nether portals?

Yeah, what ruby said, I just set up a portal as Kyle left :<

Maybe there should only be one portal? with a warp to it. If andy finishes the spawn idea (more info soon ;D ) and everyone used that portal, going to the same nether spawn it would be easier to regulate access as andy said.

I didn’t build the spawn portal area. Someone beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

ahaa :stuck_out_tongue: maybe we should do all of the spawn? not just the iron bit? Im trying to tell you without giving too much away to other people here… xD But i mean like… ALL of the spawn?

your welcome:) oh and prompblrms with E

If you wanna do that, you gotta use the alternate version Andy made. I still really want to see that used!

At the very least, please move the rulebook house to the spawn area!! I mean, it even has a boat in the banned museum display! How cool is that?

I don’t support the idea of anyone under Mod rank having access to either Water or Lava. That kind of defeats the purpose of buckets, no?

True, but I at least agree with the fire. Trusted+ should be allowed to use fire. ( im not even trusted. Im just a member =) but seriously fire should be allowed)

just saying, flint and steel still works to light a portal… ???