Is today Liam's Birthday?

i saw it on Skype, and on here… Liam, is today your birthday?

Yes he’s 107.

Yes it is. Facebook told me. He can now legally get drunk in public!

For those who don’t know the legal drinking age in Wales is 107. That is why England hates them so much.



WELL, Happy birthday, mate! hope its a good one! go drink a tankard of ale for me ;D

Hah xD Thanks :slight_smile: Honestly, its been pretty average so far. But that’s better than it being bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday Liam! Hope you have fun!

Happy Birthday Liam! I remember the good o’l days when we were twins!
You grew up so fast!:…)

Ahh the assassins creed skins days. I may yet return to them. My sig lets it live on!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: as silly as it may sound it genuinely makes me happy seeing these messages xD

Happy Birthday Lima! 107 is quite an age to achieve!

Happy B-day! It is so cool that someone noticed. I know this post is a bit late, but hope you had a decent day.

Happy Birthday Liam!

Thanks again! Also, today is Jet’s birthday I believe?