Is SMP/CMP down?

It seems I cannot log in to the server today, It just says polling and cannot connect. Is this happening to everyone?

Appears to have crashed.

^We need a like button >:D

Will it be up soon?

Have to wait for Spec


I’m at work. But I fiixed it

That post above mine, my friends, is dedication. Thank you special, you’re amazing.


^this, i mean seriously? i mean i get on the Forum and sometimes on the server while im at work… to check in on things… but you straight up FIXED it while at work? Kudos to you Special. thats amazing mate.

Its down AGAIN

May as well post here about classic as well. Yesterday, the server (my PC) went down due to a city wide power outage. It was only for a few minutes, but my PC can’t stay on without power. I was at work when it happened and could not “remotely” turn mine back on.

Side note, FINALLY got Assassin’s Creed 3 to work.

SMP/CMP is up again, and Indeed Kyle the server was down yesturday D=