is server still in maintance? (15 dedember 2016)

i tried to join the server about 10 minutes ago and it wont let me join saying server in maintance go to website for more info yet other member are online? help meeee
thank you for reading


There are no members online, only staff (from what I can see on the dynmap) I’m not sure what is going on with the server.

We are trying to fix the issue, it wasn’t supposed to be in maintenance apparently, hopefully the server will be soon opened for you guys.

UPDATE: Apparently problem’s fixed

Okay thanks guys :slight_smile: was justb worried lol I wanted to do some building xD

Solved, thanks for informing xD, Locked.

Sorry about that everyone. Andy was working on improving the CPU use of the server and we forgot to turn off the maintenance mode. Looks like it only affected a few people.