Is my fireplace illegal?

An issue has come to my attention that I’d like to at least double check on, as I’d rather confirm whether what I’ve created is ok or not rather than get banned for it. I apologize if creating this topic is useless for whatever reason, whether the rule has already been said and I accidentally skipped over it, or there’s already another topic for it, or this is just a bunch of useless panic. But otherwise, I’ll get on with my question.

On PCB while creating my house with ninjamonk377, I created a small (and I’ll be honest, not very good) fireplace. As if the topic name didn’t already tell you that. But just today, I don’t know whether this is true or not, but ninjamonk377 told me that the fireplace I created may actually be illegal due to fire not being allowed on the server. I had no idea whether this was true or not, so I decided I’d ask this on the forum. Well, is it?

I can see why fire along with TNT would be illegal on the server, for obvious griefing-related reasons. And I don’t plan to throw a huge hissy-fit if this does turn out to be against the rules, I’ll just tear the fireplace down. Though since it doesn’t seem to be a threat to anybody or any property, I personally don’t see any issues with it. My apologies for not knowing any better, I’m still very new to PCB. Thank you for your time in answering though.

Its fine bro, Fire wont spread

Perfectly fine, fire itself is not banned, fire spread is shut off

Thanks for asking us! Wish more asked questions with these manners.

The above answers are correct.

FYI: Its my fireplace too. :smiley: We Have a Guild and we all have shops if anyone would like to buy.

This topic is resolved, locking.