Minecraft Username: IRISH_MAN_21

Date of Ban: 06-01-2021

Banned by: Gordo presumably

Reason for Ban: I wrote WB 20 times in a sentance was kicked rejoined said the word “die” and was banned

Reason to be Unbanned: I feel being banned for saying the word die is incredibly unfair and I’m guessing it was done as a joke also I belive I’m generally not what you would call a disturbance or annoyance on the server

Previous appeals: No

I was in no way joking when I banned you Irish.
Over the course of today I’ve witnessed you spam in chat at least 5 times, and for that I kicked you as a warning, hoping you would simply stop, and that would be the end.
However, once you rejoined you immediately told me to “die” which was in no way called for or appropriate, and thus I banned you.
Given that this is your first ban I’m willing to be lenient here with the assumption that this attitude and spam comes to an end. You will remain temporarily banned for 3 days.
Temp Banned for 3 Days- Locked