Invasion Event?

Just watched a Captain Sparklez video of the invasion mod, and if it was easy to do, wouldn’t cause major lag or problems etc, it would make a good server event alongside zombie run!

OOooo. :smiley:

It would make a nice server event. Problems:

  1. Zombies would grief the hell out of the world.
  2. Does it support multiplayer?

There is a server version, but idk if people would need to download the client side one too (I think probably they would). And true about the zombies, but it would be good if someone else could host a server (well-ish) then people could get the client if they wanted to join in.

We could copy a large section of the world the zombies would be released in and paste it in again if needed. I haven’t seen the video but it seems interesting.

Or maybe just a certain section?

I wish i could host a sever, I could give it 8 gigs of ram too, but damn port forwarding… >_>
Good idea none the less :smiley: