Introducing: The Architect Council

For the longest time on PCB, we have operated under the system of rewarding social, friendly and veteran players with the rank of Trusted and Trusted+. This process and these ranks are the primary way for players to gain access to Worldedit commands. However, this system has long been flawed. Rather than rewarding players for building, we have encouraged a dynamic that rewards socialising, instead of creativity and building prowess.

Introducing; The Architect Council.

We’ve created a new system for players to obtain worldedit commands, whilst also being able to flex a sweet rank title. Players and staff will apply via the forums to have builds evaluated by a council of Architects.

The Architects Council are a team of high level builds from all styles and skills. The team is composed of both players and staff members. Applicants will be able to submit ANY build for evaluation with a quick turnaround time, players can make their way through the ranks whilst receiving constructive feedback on their builds.

To explain in more detail, below are the aforementioned ranks:


1 - [G] Guest

2 - [M] Member (No Perms)

3 - [I] Intern: No requirements other than submitting any build (No Perms)

4 - [B] Builder: A player whose projects have shown to have significant detail and impressive design. (Access to build world, Beginner WE Perms.)

5 - [P] Planner: High level builds with a solid understanding of design. (Access to build world, Full W/E Perms. Creative world beginner perms)

6 - [E] Engineer: Masterful design technique and worldedit knowledge. (All above perms and full world edit perms in all worlds)

7 - [A] Architect/Council: The highest level of builder. (All above perms and a seat on the architects council.)

Players with the Builder+ rank will receive build permissions in a new WorldEdit ‘Sandbox’ world. The idea is to teach the player the power and potential dangers of using worldedit, from within a safe environment. Builds from this world can be transferred by permitted players or staff into the regular creative world upon request.

What do I need to do to apply?

Players can apply for an evaluation of their rank based on anything they choose to submit. This may be an entire city, a sculpture, an armor stand arrangement, literally ANYTHING. However for higher ranks, larger builds will definitely help your application.

How will this work alongside current ranks?

So, this is an entirely new system. These ranks will have their own colour and lettering to help differentiate the ranks, For example:

[T+][B] Kaiyn: Hey, how are you?

[OP][P] Tomi: Yes I am.

How will the panel be decided?

Currently, It will be myself (Kaiyn), Mannriah and Wairoa (Even this isn’t final at this stage, it’s just to get this system off the ground), launching the new project. As players progress through ranks they will unlock new worldedit permissions, with the final rank earning them a place on the Architect Council. To ensure fairness; the leader of the council may rotate from one person to another. Both staff and non staff have an equal chance to be on the board.

Will T+ get to keep WorldEdit?

As this is an entirely new system, and the number of T+ members is low; T+ members will get to keep their current WorldEdit privileges for the time being.

Will there be guidelines?

We’re still fleshing some things out, but at this stage we will not require the council to vote based on guidelines. As players can apply using ANY build, establishing a set of boxes to tick simply wouldn’t work. How could we possibly judge a pirate ship against a volcano? As this is a creative rewards system, we can’t quantify what creativity and artistic merit are.

What limits will beginner WorldEdit have?

Beginner world edit will not have access to brushes, Voxelsniper or be able to make edits larger than 50k. This is to prevent abuse in the learning stage and to encourage a creative use of worldedit, rather than stacking a build 100 times.

How do I apply?
Simply type /rankup ingame or head to this link:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in here. This is a HUGE project that has taken a considerable amount of time from all corners of the staff team. We are extremely excited to launch this project and can’t wait to see more people flex their creative muscles.

Much love,

Kaiyn Xoxox


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