Introducing PCB's Official Tumblr Page

PCB has now reached out to Tumblr! Follow us at

For the most part we will be posting pictures taken from the server and at times we will also be posting announcements and upcoming events. Please read the description on the page for more information!

This page does allow Anon. questions on this page and let it be known now by NO means will this tumblr be used to ask about personal things such as: Ban Appeals, Info on a Player, Mod Reviews, etc. Questions should only regard questions about the server, events, and announcements. You may also leave your comments of the server in the Ask as well, that will always be appreciated :slight_smile:

For staff members who wish to be a member of this tumblr group, please PM me your email and Tumblr URL

if you look at the screenshot page of the forums there are many more Pictures which show awesome builds

Thanks Yomi, I’ve taken a variety of screenshots from that section and have added it to the page :slight_smile:

Can you get some pics of Tsumai? :smiley: 8)

Ask somebody with shaders or a nice texture pack to take some screenshots, otherwise submit them yourself to the blog and if theyre good theyll be posted

I shall do that! I’ll go round various towns and submit a few today.

Thanks octo 8)

I like this.
Wait. No. I LOVE this

So do too PCB’s involvement I checked out Tumb1r.

Are we getting a page on [details=“Spoiler”] whisper Porn Hub whisper [/details]next?

There are somethings that you can’t unsee…

taps fingers together
Hehehe. Welcome to Tumblr.

Tumblr is like the internet as a whole: stay in the right areas, and it’s fine, other areas are not fine.

I normally stay in the #lol sections…

Tumblr: rated G to NC-17 Viewer discretion is advised